About us

Hello and welcome to This is What Trans Looks Like! 

My name is Jason Robert Ballard and I am the current editor in chief of FTM Magazine. a publication designed for the lives of Transgender Men. During my time as an activist on many levels, I've since launched a sex toy and prosthetic company called Heart On Toys, and an adventure apparel company The Self Made Men. In addition to this, a few years ago I created the This is What Trans Looks Like movement with a powerful shirt design.

The initial idea for this project happened in 2015 when I took a photo of Aydian Dowling in a side by side replica of an Adam Levine photo. The need for the blunt representation and visible apparel came from needing everyone to understand that we all looked different and came in different packages and walks of life.

It was more difficult than we'd expected to keep the inventory in stock and to accommodate all sizes. We also could only carry a limited amount of styles and colors! Thanks to a print on demand company that is willing to print and ship our designs to you, we're able to offer significantly more styles, colors, sizes, AND have added a trans feminine line, as well as youth sizes!

Due to the print on demand / drop shipping however, we are unable to take back shirts that have been ordered incorrectly or refund shirts that were mailed to the wrong address provided. Please double check all of you information and order before hitting submit!

I would love to hear from you if you've got a suggestion or helpful constructive comment, please email me at customerservice@ftmmagazine.com

If you would like to add your photo to our collection, please tag us in your Instagram photos, or email them to the address provided above.